Episode 57 - New Roads, World Switching, the Rivals and the Double Draft

November 16, 2018

Simon, Shane and Nathan convene again for another hour of chat on all matters Zwifty.

The trio begin by getting the full story of Shane’s YouTube ban – and how it affected him, before moving on to discuss another new extension to Watopia. “Mostly flat”, we’re told. The Zwiftcasters hope that really means rolling terrain.

And it’s definitely coming – world switching. We discuss whether Jon Mayfield’s solution is an elegant and clever thing, or a bit less than what Zwifters wanted.

Quite a lot is changing in the way Zwift could work, and the introduction of Double Draft or True Draft as the podcasters would prefer it to be called, could end up as really significant. Simon, Shane and Nathan discuss the devil out of it, with input from racer and podcaster Greg Leo and aerodynamics expert Bert Blocken, an academic who’s modelled the draft effect in a big pelotons.

The rivals to Zwift have been making some noise, with CVRCade the loudest. What does it all mean? The chaps chew it over.

After a quick catch up on trainer news, the Zwiftcasters round this one off with a discussion on Zwift Interval Art.

And finally, Simon has a bad knee.

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