Episode Ten

September 20, 2016

Simon and Nathan get their teeth into a possible future for Zwift – in the form of Virtual Reality. With the Oculus Rift headset becoming more available and with Zwift already VR-capable, could this deeply immersive technology catch on in the fitness arena?

Shane gives his first reactions to using the headset with Zwift and Simon and Nathan discuss some of the more obvious downsides as well as looking at the possibilities of this exciting technology.

Some think the superb Zwift Academy scheme  – which aims to use the platform to identify  a potential professional female rider – has been flying a little under the radar. Not the hundreds of women who’ve been taking part in the rigorous programme of training over the summer, but perhaps this scheme isn’t as well known in the wider Zwift community as it might be.

The podcast has three interviews with graduates of the Academy. Leah Thorvilson, Rachel Elliot and Bel Flint have all made it through to the final 12 riders – hear how they reacted to getting the news.

Andrew Tilin is a veteran cyclist, an ex-racer and a high profile cycling journalist and author. He’s just completed an assignment investigating the appeal of Zwift for Outside magazine. Simon interviews him to discover more about his journey from cynic to convert.

Scottie Weiss is a real Zwift veteran – he’s been on the platform from day one and the ex-professional rider is as used to showing the field a clean pair of heels as he is helping new Zwifters and leading Group Rides. This summer Scottie achieved two magnificent wins at the World Masters Championships in Austria. Simon talks to Scottie about the role Zwift played.

And we have a little more from the sports tech guru Ray Maker, aka D C Rainmaker, who Simon spent some time with at Eurobike. This episode puts Ray on the spot and asks him to identify his favoured trainer at various price points.Ray also raises a tricky issue for US buyers – should they consider buying a trainer from European retailers who sometimes offer great deals and free shipping? “All good” says Ray, “until something goes wrong.”

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